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At the Grainger Fitness Center, we offer a multidimensional approach to health and wellness, nourishing the whole individual inside and out. Our workshops and one-on-one sessions address wellness as an active pursuit to improve health, enhance each member’s quality of life and improve work-life balance. We thrive on the success and fulfillment of our members and provide solutions and strategies to achieve an optimal state of health and wellbeing.


To schedule a workshop or session,

please email us at

Please allow at least 24 hours’ notice prior to a session if you are unable to make it.



Health Coaching

Our certified health coaches take a holistic view on wellbeing and provide recommendations on sleep patterns, stress management, emotional health and nutrition. As coaches, our goal is to maximize your ability to live a full life. Your personalized program will be tailored specifically to your needs and goals.


Our nutritionists will provide in-depth personalized recommendations on how to shape healthy eating patterns. Our nutritionist will answer any concerns that you may have and discuss your health history. Overall good nutrition can lead to increased energy, improved gut health, and an overall healthier digestive system.



Grainger Fitness Center offers subtle healing practices that support and encourage balance in body and mind. We can provide experienced holistic practitioners specialized in a variety of physical and energetic healing techniques that deliver relaxation, recovery and connection. These personalized sessions help to align body and mind and can be great for team meetings or private sessions.

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